Made Solely by Heather Coleman

Here you will find an ever-changing selection of the clay pipes that I have designed and made, many of them based on originals. Over the years I have produced for Smokers, Collectors, Re-enactors, Movies, TV and Theatre.

Each pipe I make is carefully formed and hand finished giving you a finely crafted product. My aim has always been to provide pipes that will be admired and enjoyed - even destined to become sought-after antiques of the future! Some are inspired by old pieces in my collection and I often try to emulate the elegance and quirks that those display.

Do browse my inventory and if you need more help then do ask. You may order and pay immediately through the shopping basket system provided. Remember that my stock changes throughout the year so do come back for another visit soon. Thank You.


I have been making clay pipes since 1998 and my present kiln stands about waist height tall. It is a top-loader fired by an advanced computer system which we developed in-house to have very precise control over temperature. I am not sure what pipe makers of Centuries past would have made of this - I expect they would have preferred their wood and coal-fired kilns!


  • This Web Page is up to date as of May 21 2016.