DAWNMIST STUDIO CLAY PIPES Made Solely by Heather Coleman

Here you will find an ever-changing selection of the clay pipes that I have designed and made, many of them based on originals.

Have a browse through and if you need more help then do ask. You may order and pay immediately through the shopping basket system provided. Remember that my stock changes from month to month so do come back for another visit soon.

ALL my pipes can be smoked.

Thank You.

I have been making clay pipes since 1998 and my present kiln stands about waist height tall. It is a top-loader fired by an advanced computer system which we developed in-house to have very precise control over some of our other items such as unique crystal glazed vases. The kiln can also be used for scientific tests as the computer produces graphs of the firing and the close tracking of temperature as shown in the image above. The kiln itself reminds me of some sort of space shuttle and does actually have tiles inside which are of the same technological origin. I am not sure what pipe makers of the 19th Century would have made of this, I expect they would have preferred their coal fired kilns!
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  • Once my stock is sold it will come off the inventory until I have made more later on. If it is not shown below then I do not have any available for the time being.
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  • NEW - Clay pipe stem necklaces for reenactors made from original pipe stems - follow the link below

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Coiled Clay Pipe by Heather Coleman

This is a ONE-OFF item. A pipe I made back in about 2005 which has a stem that is coiled into three loops. The stem was extruded on a machine and the bowl was then moulded and joined on to it. It is a fairly simple pipe and not as well finished as my modern pieces but an unusual piece. The hole in the stem does go all the way through so it could potentially be smoked although it requires more suck as the hole is not large.

Stem length 8 inches (23cm) as is made, much longer if coiled included. Bowl chamber size approx 15mm dia x 25mm deep. The mouth end is glazed red.

RED Cutty Clay Pipe by Heather Coleman

Made entirely from Terracotta clay.
This is my version of a traditional short Cutty clay pipe. The design is based on originals that would have been in use by working men of the late 19th Century and through the 20th (c.1880-1960). Cutty pipes are the sort that could be held in the mouth while working (a real nose warmer!).

Stem length is 3 inches (9cm), bowl internal diameter at the rim approx 17mm, depth of smoking chamber approx. 33mm. The pipe is well made only by myself and hand stroke-burnished to a smooth touch. The mouth tip is NOT glazed.

The pipe can be smoked.

SIX in stock
Price is for one pipe.

£10.95 (for UK destinations only)
USD 17.95 (worldwide destinations)
EURO 13.95 (for EU destinations only)

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The Art and Archaeology of Clay Tobacco Pipes

CD ROM - Packed with Information

Heather Coleman is an artist, semi-professional archaeologist and clay pipe maker living in the county of Devonshire in England. she has collected and studied clay tobacco pipes on and off for over 35 years and her knowledge and enthusiasm are shared with you on this CD.

Discover Art, Archaeology and History with this fascinating study of the clay tobacco pipe...

If you have found clay pipes while walking the dog or digging the garden, or have collected them for some time and want to find out more about them then this CD is ideal for you. Also helpful to Museum Curators, archaeologists and those wanting to explore material for their own studies. Smokers and dealers of tobacciana will also find my CD of interest.


  • Photo galleries which are constantly being updated with almost 1000 pictures now!
  • Galleries of images of highly decorated French Figural pipes (including Gambier and Fiolet).
  • Pipes by John Pollock & Co.
  • Sections devoted to more recent clays still being made by pipe makers all over the world.
  • 378 precisely drawn illustrations with many associated photographs.
  • Finds from all over the British Isles are grouped County by County.
  • A history of clay pipes and how they were made.
  • How to find, clean and identify.
  • Dozens of books are listed along with a summary of their contents.
  • WWW links and contacts are also included.
  • My own pipes which I make are also covered with dozens of pictures taken of the studio.
  • Short Video presentations.
  • Readers on the WWW can also send in photographs of their pipes and collections to add to future releases of this CD.
  • The CD was first released in 1999 and is now up to at least Revision U.

Suitable for any PC equiped with CD-ROM drive and Web Browser.

Copyright 2012 Heather Coleman, Dawnmist Studio

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Post & Packing is INCLUDED on this CD.

£6.85 (for UK destinations only)
USD 11.95 (worldwide destinations)
EURO 7.95 (for EU destinations only)

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Please visit my other Clay Pipe sale page which covers older collectors items as well as sometimes books when available!

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